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New Song! Be in the Video!!

I've been busy working on a new song during lockdown, you can take a listen on my Soundcloud below, but more excitingly, I'd like you to be in the video!! Sticking with the lockdown theme I'm going to make the video look like a Zoom meeting, so listen to the song, then imagine yourself in a Zoom meeting in work where someone has started playing this song, video your reaction as if in the meeting, and get it to me! Drop me a line for more details.

Bransby ยท Those Tired Eyes

A Short Gig About Love

I'll be doing another livestream gig from the Bran Cave this weekend, Saturday May 30th at 8.30pm.

This time I'll be keeping it to about an hour and will be adding a few more of my own songs. They will all be fairly chilled out love songs as I think we could all "try a little tenderness" right now, haha. Incidentally I will not be doing Try A Little Tenderness.

Here's the link - live from 2030 this Saturday on Youtube