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  1. Bees In My Head (feat Andre Louis) Bransby 5:00
  2. Better Than This Bransby 4:04
  3. All You Leave Behind Bransby 3:38
  4. Get Into My Jeans Bransby and Rosa Lennox 4:12
  5. One Night Stand Bransby 4:23
  6. Living For The Short Term Bransby 5:07
  7. If I Had My Way Bransby 3:03
  8. Is This My Home? Bransby 4:25
  9. After The Rainbows Bransby 3:55
  10. Someone Thinks I'm Beautiful Bransby 3:34
  11. Those Tired Eyes Bransby 4:01
  12. Your'e Getting Older Bransby 4:19
  13. The Happiest Day Bransby 4:15
  14. When You're Around Bransby 3:23
  15. Only Me Bransby 2:53
  16. Not Sold Bransby 4:26
  17. The Easy Life Bransby 4:02
  18. Rosie Bransby 3:07
  19. Quite Happy Bransby 3:41
  20. Plenty More Fish In The Sea Bransby 3:55

Click the links below to read more about each of my songs.

All You Leave Behind
cover art for Bransby - All You Leave Behind, it shows a sunset over a tranquil South Wales beach

Get Into My Jeans
cover art for Get Into My Jeans by Bransby and featuring Rosa Lennox. Picture shows crumpled jeans and a woman's top on the floor at the end of a bed.

One Night Stand
Cover art for Bransby - One Night Stand - it shows a picture of a night stand because I'm hilarious

Living For The Short Term
cover art for my single Living For The Short Term - shows a glorious cherry blossom tree in full bloom against a bright, blue sky

If I Had My Way
artwork for my single If I Had My Way, shows me in front of a velvet background wearing a novelty crown

After The Rainbows
cover art for my single After The Rainbows - it shows a rainbow against a dark sky above a row of terrace houses

Is This My Home
cover art for my single Is This My Home - it shows the shadow of a bicycle framed in a brick archway

You're Getting Older
cover art for Bransby "You're Getting Older" - it shows me on stage in an empty pub, Chester's Cornerhouse.

Someone Thinks I'm Beautiful
artwork for my single Someone Thinks I'm Beautiful, it shows 3 different versions of me in my kitchen, one sitting at a table, one playing guitar, one playing trumpet

Those Tired Eyes
cover art for my single Those Tired Eyes - it shows a mocked up zoom call with lots of people on it that was the basis of the music video

When You're Around
cover art for Bransby "When You're Around" - a black and white image of Bransby playing acoustic guitar in a wood for some reason

The Happiest Day
cover art for Bransby "The Happiest Day" a blurred image of Bransby dancing at a wedding

Only Me
cover art for Bransby "Only Me" shows guitar, amp and microphone on stage at Chester's Cornerhouse

Not Sold
cover art for Bransby "Not Sold" show a very young Bransby on stage at the Half Moon in Putney

Plenty More Fish In The Sea
cover art for Bransby "Plenty More Fish In The Sea" EP

Quite Happy
cover art for Bransby "Plenty More Fish In The Sea" EP

cover art for Bransby "Plenty More Fish In The Sea" EP

The Easy Life
cover art for Bransby "Plenty More Fish In The Sea" EP