Someone Thinks I’m Beautiful

I've written a lot of love songs, mostly about the same person. Dawn and I have been together for over 20 years and some of my best songs are about her and our relationship. When you've been with someone for a long time and when you can occasionally feel every single one of your years on the planet, it means a lot to know that someone still thinks you're beautiful. I have never had a plan in life. I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up, still don't. I'm acutely aware of all my shortcomings and it still baffles me that another person, who is also well aware of my shortcomings, still wants to be with me. It makes you think you must be doing something right.

I loved the idea for this video when I first came up with it. Filming and editing it was a nightmare. I still really like the bit where the two Bransbys jump at trumpet playing Bransby as he appears from the cupboard. Yes, I did play the trumpet on this. I taught myself to play the trumpet years ago when I was working night shifts. I had decided at that point that I was never going to be a great guitarist (still true to be fair) and wanted to explore a new instrument. I chose the trumpet because I figured it only had three buttons so must be fairly easy. This turned out to not be the case, but I still like playing it.

You can read the lyrics below.

Someone Thinks I'm Beautiful

It's been a bad, bad day
But someone thinks I'm beautiful so that's ok
I could never get my hair right, and then it all fell out
But someone thinks I'm beautiful so I've learned to do without
I'm not an academic, I was terrible at school
But she does all her homework and she thinks I'm beautiful
My eyes are wonky, my ears stick out, my mouth is weirdly small
But her eyes shine like diamonds and she thinks I'm beautiful

Other kids had plans, and seemed to understand
Careers advice and what to do, I just didn't have a clue
But it somehow seems that I have you

So when it's been a bad, bad day
I look at someone beautiful and everything's ok
Even when she's grumpy, she's had it with my snoring
She knows deep down inside that our life is never boring
And everything that worries us, and everything that sucks
The work that's never done, and all the downs and all the ups
The arguments, the trivia, the chores to do today
Well someone thinks I'm beautiful so that's ok