Living For The Short Term

cover art for my single Living For The Short Term - shows a glorious cherry blossom tree in full bloom against a bright, blue sky

I've talked a fair bit about my lyrics on the other pages for my songs. I've talked about what inspired the songs, what the words mean to me, and I've also alluded to the fact that it's up to the listener to decide for themselves what the lyrics mean to them because frankly, I am not the boss of you.

That's what makes Living For The Short Term particularly unique in my catalogue and what made it so interesting for me personally to write. There was absolutely no meaning, concept or intent behind the lyrics. It was almost stream-of-consciousness writing words that scanned with the rhythm and nothing else. It was entirely driven by the music, which came about via a very simple little guitar line that I came up with. This was quite liberating and something I may do again, but the truth is most of my songs have a story, intent or inspiration behind them that gives a meaning to the lyrics for me. This one though can mean absolutely anything you like! Go for it, make your own meaning!

I documented the recording of this song for a video on my Youtube channel. I use open source software in my home studio which is of some interest to music nerds out there. All my recently-produced songs (everything apart from the Plenty More Fish EP, Only Me, When You're Around, Not Sold and The Happiest Day) have been made using only open-source software. I describe many aspects of this on my Youtube Channel so if that interests you, be sure to check it out.

You can listen to Living For The Short Term and read the lyrics below

  1. Living For The Short Term Bransby 5:07

Living For The Short Term

I was living for the short term
Living in the wrong world
Living with all kinds of ups and downs
Couldn't seem to find the right words
Or accept the right terms
Couldn't find a way to find you out

You're always living in the real world
Coz you're such a real girl
And you found a way to find me out
There wasn't much to make you feel good
Not the way that he could
But you found a way to do without

And if this is what you paid for can you get your money back?
This short term long investment won't return the things you lack
He was fighting for a lost cause long before you picked him up
Is it even worth the admin fee to watch him come unstuck

Come back, come back tomorrow
And we'll beg steal, beg steal and borrow
For the ideas, ideas you follow
If you come back, come back tomorrow

And when it comes together it's so good to have you back
These dreams were made forever so they have to stay intact
For all that went before you as they came to wish you luck
He was fighting for a lost cause long before you picked him up