New Song!!

Today sees the release of my latest single "Living For The Short Term" - it is available on Bandcamp immediately but won't be released to streaming services until late December. To be honest if I could get away with not putting it on streaming services I would because they're absolute bandits doing immeasurable damage to the music industry, but we are where we are.

Gigs! Gigs! Gigs!

It is written that in the "Before Time" the people would gather together in special places to sing the songs of their people - and it's happening again!

  • September 18th - Chester Market  I'm back at Chester's fantastic indoor market this Saturday, between 6 and 9pm playing an eclectic mix of acoustic covers and original songs. As much as I can fit in around stuffing my face with all the amazing food.
  • October 2nd - Chester Market Again
  • October 8th - Echochamber - Cornerhouse  It's been a very long time since my friend Rich White and I put together our acoustic duo Echochamber, but we've been practicing hard and are looking forward to a fun night of multi-instrumental goodness at Cornerhouse

Mastering a song using Open Source Software!

I've mastered all my recent releases myself. It's a dark art, the process of doing very little to achieve a great deal, and I've still got a lot to learn, but a friend asked me to have a go at one of his tracks and I recorded the process...

After The Rainbows – Video

Lots of lovely people sent me their photos of the rainbows they'd either made or spotted during the first lockdown of 2020, and this is what I went and did with them...

New Song!!

Today sees the release of my new single, "After The Rainbows (We Can't Move On)" available on Bandcamp immediately and soon to be available across all streaming services.