All You Leave Behind – coming soon

cover art for Bransby - All You Leave Behind - it shows a beautiful sunset on a calm Welsh beach

I've just finished recording and mastering my new song All You Leave Behind. It will be on general release on all streaming services from November 24th but will probably make an appearance on this website and on my Bandacamp page in advance so watch this space. This is the song I wrote for the Childless festival that I spoke at back in September. We were discussing concepts of legacy, what a person leaves behind, and my fellow panellist and author Robert Nurden suggested I write a song on the subject, so this is it. I performed it for the first time at Childless but that was a solo-acoustic version, the final release is considerably larger in scope with an 80s style synth, jangly guitars and BIG drums. I'm very pleased with it and am excited for people to hear it within the next few weeks.

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