I really need to clean

Bransby's home studio, it's chaotic and untidy, mic stands, headphones and instruments everywhere, IT'S BEING USED!!

I'm in the final stages of tracking (recording the instrumentation) for a new song that I hope to release towards the end of June. I've sworn not to clean and tidy my studio until it's finished. There is a rationale to this, I'm not just a minger. It's easy to get side-tracked and procrastinate when working on something, so instead I'm focussed, I'm dialled in, I'm living in filth! I'm really enjoying recording, I've got piano, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, trumpet and lead vocals down now, I've just got some additional harmonies to record then I can start the mixing. Title and artwork to be confirmed soon so watch this space! I promise I'll clean soon.

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