All aboard the Bran Cave Tour!

Something a bit different for you this week! During my recent livestream (available to watch here) my partner took a quick behind-the-scenes video while I was playing. This is a continuation of that theme with more detail about where and how I produce music and videos. This is to be the first of a series of videos looking at how to produce music as an enthusiastic amateur on a budget using open-source software. Stay tuned for more!


New Song! Be in the Video!!

I've been busy working on a new song during lockdown, you can take a listen on my Soundcloud below, but more excitingly, I'd like you to be in the video!! Sticking with the lockdown theme I'm going to make the video look like a Zoom meeting, so listen to the song, then imagine yourself in a Zoom meeting in work where someone has started playing this song, video your reaction as if in the meeting, and get it to me! Drop me a line for more details.