Battitude 2023!

Bransby and Rosa Lennox on stage at The Windmill in Brixton

Last Saturday I popped down to that there London to play Battitude 2023. Battitude is an annual event which has run for most of the last 15 years to celebrate the momentous occasion of Les "Fruitbat" Carter's birthday. Les very kindly asked me to play when I supported him at The Saddle in Chester earlier this year. I've played The Windmill a few times but not for about 20 years or so. It was great to be back and lovely to catch up with some old friends. Although I was on first and quite early in the evening there were still loads of people there and it was a fantastic evening. Rosa Lennox, the immensely talented singer and actor who provides the additional vocals on Get Into My Jeans was able to join me on stage for that song too which was a real treat.

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