Blinded By The LEDs

My SSL Big 6 mixer/interface with lots of LEDs lit up

Whilst my latest track All You Leave Behind was released just last week it is now officially ancient history man! I am already working on a new song, indeed it's nearly finished. The shot above shows the settings I used for summing the mix back into the box. I've done a few videos on my Youtube channel about how I record, mix and master my tracks but it's a funny one, I feel a bit of imposter syndrome talking about the technicalities of music production. I have an undergraduate degree in Music Technology and have been self-producing for years but when I look at all the experts and professionals on Youtube it feels silly to throw my hat into the ring alongside them. Then I remember that in this life we are all just making it up as we go along and the production of my songs improves every time so why not show people how I work?

My new song is called Better Than This, it's an old song that I'm recording for the first time. It's a very up-tempo, feel-good, love song, so a bit of a change-up from the existential questioning of All You Leave Behind. I realise that most people have never heard these tracks so it's irrelevant in many ways to talk about this being an "old song", but for me it's nice to be able to mine the back catalogue of my songs and it's interesting to mix up what I'm releasing between songs I've just written and songs that were written 20-25 years ago.

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