Bransby Sings Bransby’s Songs!

Huge thanks to everyone who joined last night, I know there were a few issues with internet connectivity so thanks for sticking with it. Weirdly there are very few dropouts on the recording, so here it is! I've timestamped it so you can skip to your favourite songs, just check the description on YouTube!

A video about making videos!

I've made a video showing how I make my acoustic cover videos for YouTube. I cover everything from the set up, mic choice, mic placement, video lighting, then into the box to show how I mix, edit and create graphics, using a combination of Ardour, Kdenlive and GIMP

All aboard the Bran Cave Tour!

Something a bit different for you this week! During my recent livestream (available to watch here) my partner took a quick behind-the-scenes video while I was playing. This is a continuation of that theme with more detail about where and how I produce music and videos. This is to be the first of a series of videos looking at how to produce music as an enthusiastic amateur on a budget using open-source software. Stay tuned for more!