Wot no gigs??

My right leg in supportive boot having broken it in a climbing accident

The observant amongst you will notice that I haven't played many gigs of late. I hope this picture goes some way to explaining why. On June 1st I went climbing to Pentre Halkyn, a lovely little natural bouldering site near Holywell in North Wales. Mistakes were made. On June 2nd I had a fairly major surgery to remedy those mistakes and have been out of action ever since. Consequently I had to cancel gigs I had arranged for Cornerhouse and Chester Market. I can still play sitting down of course but live gigs tend to involve lots of equipment and lugging that around at the moment is not an option. This self-imposed house arrest has meant I've finished another one of my songs (see previous post) and am well on the way to finishing another so I hope to have a couple more tracks out over the next few months. I hope to be back playing live before Christmas.

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